We invite you to shop with people + the planet in mind 




We've made these lists + checked them twice, so your shop can be not "hoardy" but nice


The Nice List is a food security community. We believe that we need to work together to make food available to all of us, no matter where we live or how much money we have. When you shop nice, you leave supplies on the shelf for people who don't have the money to shop in bulk. When you choose small suppliers, you're supporting small-scale farming, small business, and improving the sustainability and self-sufficiency of your city. When you list food to share with your neighbours you're making everyone feel food safe, so no one fears going hungry.


You are now part of a global movement to make food fairer and for that, we thank you.



Plan how much to buy before you shop. We've built shopping lists to help you measure how much you need. They are roughly based on Dietary Guidelines and include other essentials like cleaning products. Consider making frozen or long life substitutions to reduce waste.

i eat plant based (supplies for 2 weeks) download it 

i eat everything (supplies for 2 weeks) download it 



Support small suppliers. We've built grower lists to help you support local suppliers and diversify your food supply. All offer delivery or pickup in London or Sydney. 

london, uk download it 

sydney, au download it 

coming soon

melbourne, au; new york, usa; san francisco, usa


Hi ho neighbour, we've got this 

We've got this to offer our neighbours


time and money

Plan your meals and write your list before you go down to the shops

Estimate how much toilet paper you'll need in the next fortnight

Budget don't fudge it: UK, AU

milk and honey

Join your local mutual aid group (UK) or neighbourly love group (AU)

Why generosity will put us back together 

Build a strong community, get to eat more french fries

Hack your brain to think more positively

Money makes everyone anxious, turns out you can do something about it

Solidarity when all you can find is camembert and canned corn

There are other places to go besides Netflix and Facebook

Sing, whether or not you're winning 



Have something to share or contribute ? Email us at wearethenicelist@gmail.com

This is an Open Source initiative hastily configured by Cat, Anne and Alex in an effort to inspire people to give a shit about more than themselves. 

We are part of the Open Creative Alliance (Corona Response) and The Kindness Pandemic

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